# Free Stuff

# Here you can find my work that is available for free.

# Show/Hide specific hotspots

The action for Panotour Pro allows you to show/hide specific groups of hotspots in the tour based on their hotspot style name.

Download (By downloading you agree to the software licensing agreement)

To install action unzip contents of the downloaded package to the Panotour actions directory.
See image for more info.

# Next thumb hotspot

This script automatically replaces hotspots with thumbnail images of the target panoramas and sets thumbnail image size.

Download (By downloading you agree to the software licensing agreement)

# Install

Add the code of next_thumb.xml to the skin XML of your ready tour manually.
Or include next_thumb.xml file using the Panotour Pro v2.5.14 plugin Include an XML file available in the advanced category.

# Usage

In Panotour create a hotspot style with the name nt_NxN, where the first N sets the width of the hotspot images, and the second N sets the height, in pixels.
To use the original size of thumbnails, set the style name to nt_0.
It is possible to enable the distorted parameter for hotspots, by adding _d to the style name, after the size.

# Example

Basic style name, thumbnail width - 280px and height - 140px nt_280x140.
Distorted nt_160x80_d.
With the original size of thumbnail nt_0 or distorted nt_0_d.

# Logo plugin modification

This is a modification of the default Panotour plugin Logo. This version added the possibility to set different sizes for the logo for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
Another option adds the ability to make the logo to be pano or group-specific.

Download (By downloading you agree to the software licensing agreement)

# Notifications

Create pano-specific messages or buttons using graphic files, and use actions to display/hide them, and interact with your virtual tour. The plugin has an option to display notifications with a click on a hotspot when displayed it sticks to the hotspot and rotates with a panorama.

More info and download